Life itself as a form of art

Quietly listen anew to what the substance itself has to say,
and plant a seed in your sensibilities.

What kind of home do you live in?
What kind of clothing do you wear?
What kind of food do you eat?

Life is woven together by these everyday choices.

Within the elements surrounding these things, we see art and beauty.

They are artistic activities we all face every day.

Thinking a hundred years into the future,

what can we leave behind?

What will be left behind?



日時: 2024年4月27日(土)〜4月29日(月/祝)

場所: 千葉県長生郡白子町

第一部9:00-11:30 / 第二部12:00-14:30 / 第三部15:00-17:30
4月27日(土)のみ、隈研吾建築都市設計事務所 設計室長 堀木俊氏ツアー同行予定

April 27, 2024 (Sat) - April 29, 2024 (Monday/Holiday)

At Chosei Gun Shirako Machi, Chiba

Part 1 9:00-11:30 / Part 2 12:00-14:30 / Part 3 15:00-17:30
<Only April 27, 2024 KENGO KUMA & ASSOCIATES Director Shun Horiki on tour>



隈研吾氏による修繕設計された「シラコノイエ」建築ツアー、CFCLによる写真家・蓮井幹生氏とのポートレイトプロジェクト“SILHOUETTE” のスピンオフ「SILHOUETTE in Shirako」の展示とともに、カプセルコレクション「Shadows」を発表。


¥8,000 売り切れ

図録付きチケット<一般チケット + 図録>

¥10,800 売り切れ



・会場は個人所有の住宅のため、開催場所は千葉県長生郡白子町 非公開住所とさせていただいております。ご予約の完了後、アクセス情報をお知らせさせていただきます。

白子藝術祭 図録

白子藝術祭 図録

長嶋りかこによるブックデザインの白子藝術祭公式図録。白子藝術祭の舞台となった 国登録有形文化財「シラコノイエ」を写真家 高野ユリカが撮り下ろした写真を掲載。
建築家 隈研吾、ファッションデザイナー 高橋悠介/CFCL、ライフスタイリスト 大田由香梨がそれぞれの視点で建築、ファッション、食の未来と暮らしを語る寄稿。



サイズ:182mm 257mm(B5判)
スクラム製本 / 棕櫚縄綴じ

The Shirako Art Festival is a reservation-only experiential exhibition for a small number of visitors.
The exhibition will include an architectural tour of "Shirakonoie", designed and repaired by Kengo Kuma; a presentation of the CFCL capsule collection "Shadows" and "SILHOUETTE in Shirako", a spin-off of the portrait project "SILHOUETTE" with photographer Mikio Hasui.
This is an experiential exhibition of food, clothing, and shelter, including a workshop by Yukari Ota, the owner of Shirakonoie, where visitors can enjoy seasonal cuisine from Shirako Town.

Food, clothing, and shelter workshops/exhibitions/architectural tours

¥8,000 Sold Out

Food, clothing, and shelter workshops/exhibitions/architectural tours plus Exhibition catalog

¥10,800 Sold Out

Exhibition catalog(pre-order, shipping starting April 27th)

¥3,800Purchase Catalog

・The time required for the tour is 2 hours and 30 minutes, from the meeting time to the end of the tour. Please arrive at the venue in good time.
・As the venue is a privately-owned residence, it is listed as an undisclosed address in Shirako-cho, Chosei-gun, Chiba Prefecture. We will provide you with access information once you have completed your reservation.
・Please note that due to small group sizes and the reservation-based nature of this tour, we cannot accept cancellations for any reason after reservations have been completed.
・We are unable to accommodate wheelchairs and strollers on this tour.

Shirako Art Festival Catalog

Shirako Art Festival Catalog

Official catalog of the Shirako Art Festival, directed and designed by Rikako Nagashima. Featuring photographer Yurika Takano's photographs of "Shirakonoie," a nationally designated tangible cultural property that became the setting for the Shirako Art Festival.
Architect Kengo Kuma, fashion designer Yusuke Takahashi/CFCL, and life stylist Yukari Ota discuss the future and lifestyle of architecture, fashion, and food from their respective perspectives.

The current state of things that have existed for 190 years. A book interwoven with photographs and texts told from the perspective of one hundred years in the future.

Each copy has been carefully tied together with palm rope by the residents of Shirako Town.

Price: ¥3800 (tax included)
Size: 182mm by 257mm (B5 size)
Number of pages: 176 pages
Scrum binding / palm rope binding



高橋悠介 / CFCL ©Yosuke Suzuki

高橋悠介 / CFCL

しかし変化を恐れず、過去から脈々と続く文化の本質と向き合う気概を持って、同じ時代を生きる人々と共に時代 を作り続けることが、もっと大切なのだと思います。次の世代の人々が、時にはそれを否定し、時には活用して、この世界は続くのです。"

"Without a doubt, it’s an important role for us to pass on to future generations a timeless and valuable culture that has continued for hundreds or thousands of years.However, I believe it is even more important to face directly the essence of the culture that has continued from the past with courage, without fearing change, and to continue creating a new era together with the people of the same generation. The next generation will at times deny it and at times take advantage of it, all the while the world continues on."

1985年生まれ、東京都出身。文化ファッション大学院大学修了後、2010年株式会社三宅デザイン事務所入社。2013年にISSEY MIYAKE MEN のデザイナーに就任し、6年にわたりチームを率いる。2020年同社を退社後、株式会社CFCLを設立。
2021年第39回毎日ファッション大賞 新人賞・資生堂奨励賞及び FASHION PRIZE OF TOKYO 2022 を受賞。2022年よりパリ・ファッションウィークに参加。

Born in Tokyo in 1985. After graduating from Bunka Fashion Graduate University, he joined Miyake Design Studio in 2010, and was appointed as the designer of ISSEY MIYAKE MEN in 2013, leading the team for six years. After leaving the company in 2020, he established CFCL Inc. In 2021, he received the MAINICHI FASHION GRAND PRIX 2021 (the 39th),New Comer's Prize and Shiseido sponsorship Award, as well as FASHION PRIZE OF TOKYO 2022. With CFCL, he has been participating in Paris Fashion Week since 2022.


大田 由香梨 ©Mikio Hasui

大田 由香梨


"Live itself as art," as seen through clothing, food, and shelter.
A three-day exhibit allowing you to envision a time one-hundred years from now, set against the backdrop of life in the late Edo period (about 190 years ago)—arguably the culmination of the technology and spirit of Japanese culture in early modern times. Together with people engaged around the world, we have spent time carefully preparing this event. The front gate of the former Otawa family, closed for many years, will be specially opened to welcome visitors over the three days. We hope that you will come and experience this rare opportunity.


Ota Yukari embarked on her career as a fashion stylist in Tokyo in the early 2000s. She remains deeply involved in art direction and styling for fashion brands.
What sets her apart is her venture beyond fashion—she manages an organic restaurant and works on architectural designs in collaboration with. She adopts a holistic styling approach, covering "clothing, food, and shelter."
Building upon the Japanese ideology of the three basic human needs, "clothing, food, and shelter" (lifestyle), she has established a new branding termed "LIFESTYLIST." She actively promotes sustainable lifestyles and businesses through her creative pursuits, making this endeavor her life's work.


隈研吾 ©J.C. Carbonne

隈 研吾


Chiba is where the Kuroshio Current, bringing a variety of goods from the south, collides with a mountain culture tied to the mountains and valleys of Tohoku. In this land are hidden a profound depth and richness.
It would bring me joy for people to experience the wonderful energy of this land while thinking of a time a hundred years from now.


Kengo Kuma was born in 1954. He established Kengo Kuma & Associates in 1990. He is currently a University Professor and Professor Emeritus at the University of Tokyo after teaching at Keio University and the University of Tokyo. KKAA projects are currently underway in more than 40 countries. Kengo Kuma proposes architecture that opens up new relationships between nature, technology, and human beings. His major publications include Zen Shigoto(Kengo Kuma – the complete works, Daiwa Shobo), Ten Sen Men (“point, line, plane”, Iwanami Shoten), Makeru Kenchiku (Architecture of Defeat, Iwanami Shoten), Shizen na Kenchiku (Natural Architecture, Iwanami Shinsho), Chii-sana Kenchiku (Small Architecture, Iwanami Shinsho) and many others.




2月下旬からは海岸近くの道路で、河津桜が見頃を迎え、5月には本町の名産である白子たまねぎの掘り取り体験やたまねぎ祭りが開催されます。その他にも3月や10月には白子神社の祭礼が行われ、全国屈指のテニスの町として全国大会も開催されております。 近年はテニス以外にも、フットサルやグランドゴルフなどさまざまなスポーツが楽しめる施設がそろい、東京オリンピックのサーフィン競技会場でありました、長生郡一宮町東浪見釣ケ崎海岸も近く、本町でもサーフィンを楽しむことができます。




白子町長 石井 和芳


Located in the southern part of Kujukurihama, which boasts a beautiful scenery of white sand and green pines, Shirako is a town of agriculture and tourism. It has a mild climate throughout the year, with a 6km stretch of Kujurihama beach and its eastern part and an inland portion made up of lush green countryside.

Starting in late February, the Kawazu cherry blossoms are at their best along the roads near the coast. May is the time when the Onion Festival is held, and visitors can experience digging up Shirako onions, one of the town's specialties. Other festivals are held in March and October at the Shirako Shrine. What's more, as one of the best towns for tennis in the country, national tournaments are held here. In addition to tennis, in recent years, various facilities have been constructed where a variety of sports can be enjoyed, such as futsal and ground golf. The town is also a venue where surfing can be enjoyed, being close to Tonami Tsurigasaki Beach in Ichinomiya Town, Chosei District, which was the surfing competition venue for the Tokyo Olympics.

Now, the art festival will be held at "Shirakonoie" (a nationally designated tangible cultural property). One hundred years from now, this "Shirakonoie" will be an important cultural heritage of the town; a symbol to examine the past life of Shirako.
It is my hope that it will become a beacon for the continuation of Shirako's culture.
One hundred years from now, new forms and methods of expression beyond our imagination will have been adopted in the field of art; we cannot even imagine what the ever-evolving worlds of modern art and fine arts will look like in the future.

On the other hand, Japan's traditional culture and spirituality will continue to be cherished, and its culture, art, food and martial arts are quite likely to still be loved by people, even one hundred years from now.

While "Shirakonoie" is of course highly valuable as a building, it is made even more appealing by the addition of scenery of the town of Shirako and the lives of its farmers.
I feel a strong sense of spiritual richness the moment I come into contact with the richness of nature. It is a precious thing to be able to experience the lush green fields of rice and hear the chirping of birds.
I hope you might come visit this town.
I also hope that this art festival will have a significant impact on the way people think about and perceive the history and culture of Shirako Town, and that it will foster a love for and pride in their hometown.

Mayor of Shirako Town, Kazuyoshi Ishii

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